Global Culture was established in May, 2000. The original intention is to help those high quality foreign teachers assimilating into the life of Taiwan. We are located in Hsinchu City. We currently specialize in recruiting, training and placing teachers throughout Northern, Southern Taiwan and Shanghai, China. We work with hundreds of schools and teachers every semester to place both licensed and professional educators.
Our careful, patient and professional workgroup will be the communication bridge amount the foreign teachers, schools and customers.

The History of Our Company

To meet teachers’ needs of market, we are constantly updating our services. In the past 15 years, we have grown and stretched our business services to meet governmental work requirements for foreign teachers seeking employment, and to experience from real life of abroad and learn languages for domestic students. This has lead to the successful placement of thousands of individuals in both public and private schools.

Future Goals

Global Culture is striving to continue to offer beneficial services to educators and schools throughout Taiwan and China. We will continue to expand our company’s services to meet the growing requirements of securing employment for teachers in Taiwan and China.


Since the difference of national conditions, cultures and customs, and students’ language ability, first, we will provide training and consulting services in the following directions for every educator in Taiwan.

  • Priorities           
  • Responsibilities           
  • Thoughts

Next, in the curriculum, we also provide the consulting and help services for the following relevant items.

  • Design
  • Materials
  • Delivery
  • Visual Aids
  • Topics
  • Planning
  • Supplementing
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Technology
  • Assessment

In the discipline, we are willing to provide consulting for the following relevant items and the communication help between teachers and schools.

  • Responsibilities
  • Importance
  • Administration
  • Prevention
  • Guidelines
  • Solutions
  • Communication


For every individual educator in Taiwan, Global Culture works not only in the life care, like accommodation, transportation, related legal documents, and taxes, but also in matchmaking the educators and employers, based on the education, experience, specialty and personality of educator and the required condition of employer. The proper employers place is as follows:

Public Schools

For the last decade, Global Culture has been working with local educators and governments to place licensed foreign teachers in public school programs throughout Northern Taiwan. We have assisted in the placement and negotiation of contracts for hundreds of individual educators who have been placed in government run primary, middle, secondary schools and Universities..

English Institute / Cram School (Buxiban)

Besides public schools, private English institutes and cram schools are the primary customers of Global Culture.

Cooperate Training

For the international companies, the business English training and verification requirements of internal staffs to refine their working ability and quality, and to promote and arrange job as reference.


Global Culture will help foreign tutor to design and tailor a suitable curriculum for personal needs so that could rapid increase your English ability.

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