International Bilingual School in Shanghai, China

Responsibilities include:

  1. Creating and delivering English lessons every day to your homeroom class.
  2. Planning and executing events for the student body.
  3. Overseeing the day-to-day life of students and helping them to develop good life


  1. Communicating with parents about the progress of their children.
  2. Assisting in curriculum development and planning.
  • School Name International Bilingual School
  • Contact Name Nancy
  • Job Title English teacher
  • Job Type 全職
  • Location Shanghai
  • Note Qualifications for the homeroom teaching position are: 1. A Bachelors degree in any field acceptable, but degrees in early childhood education are preferred. 2. Two years of relevant experience teaching experience is required. 3. Passion, excitement, and creativity are necessary. 4. A TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred. 5. We are accepting applicants from CA, the UK, the USA, AU, NZ, or SA. Benefits include: 1. 20,000-22,000 RMB/month 2. Monthly performance bonuses are offered. 3. 8,000 RMB airfare reimbursements will be given at the completion of one's contract. 4. A full working visa is offered. 5. There are advancement opportunities. 6. National holidays will be recognized and 5 days annual leave will be awarded following the completion of one's contract. Teachers will also be given December 24th to January 1st off for Christmas. 7. Contracts are offered on an annual basis.
  • E-mail [email protected]

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