2020 Public Senior High School Teaching Positions in Taiwan

Qualifications for the position are :
⭕️Must be a certified teacher with a valid license or APRC/Spousal ARC holder
⭕️Must be a native English speaker from the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.
⭕️Must present certified documentation showing no criminal history.

Benefits include :
⭕️Employment contracts begin from August, 2020 and lasts one year.
⭕️Hires’ monthly salaries are $62,720NT for individuals holding bachelor’s degrees and $69,965NT for individuals holding master’s degrees.
⭕️All hires will received a $5,000NT for housing allowance per month, and hires will receive a $10,000NT housing allowance per month if they share accommodation with a spouse or lineal relative.
⭕️National Healthcare is provided in accordance with Taiwan’s labor laws.
⭕️Airfare reimbursement: 3 months after reporting for work and at the completion of the contract (reimbursement based on actual ticket costs up $40,000NT).
⭕️Hires receive all national holidays off in according with Taiwan’s labor laws.

>>>>>Interested candidates please send your

◆CV along with cover letter
◆Self-introduction video (Or Demo video)
◆Certificate of Degree / Diploma
◆Police Criminal Record Certificate
◆Teacher’s license
◆Reference letter

  • 學校名稱 Public Senior High School Teaching Positions (Full time )
  • 聯絡人 Nancy
  • 聯絡電話 please contact via email
  • 工作名稱 Full time teacher at senior high
  • 工作性質 全職
  • 工作地點 Taiwan
  • 電子郵件 [email protected]

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