Public Senior High School Teaching Positions

1. Applicants must be a certified teacher with a valid licensure.
2. Applicants must be a native English speaker from the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.
3. Applicants must present certified documentation showing no criminal history.
4. Employment contracts begin in December of 2017 and last one year.
5. Hirees’ monthly salaries are $62,720NT for individuals holding bachelor’s degrees and $69,965NT for individuals holding master’s degrees.
6. All hirees will receive a $5,000NT for housing allowance per month, and hirees will receive a $10,000NT housing allowance per month if they share accommodation with a spouse or lineal relative.
7. National Healthcare is proved in accordance with Taiwan’s labor laws.
8. Airfare reimbursement: 3 months after reporting for work and at the completion of the contract (reimbursement based on actual ticket costs up $40,000NT).
9. Hirees receive all national holidays off in according with Taiwan’s labor laws.
10. The school location is located in Miaoli, Taiwan.

  • 學校名稱 Public Senior High School Teaching Positions
  • 聯絡人 Nancy
  • 聯絡電話 (886-3) 542-5389
  • 工作名稱 Full time English teacher
  • 工作性質 全職
  • 工作地點 Miaoli, Taiwan
  • 備註 Contact Information: Website: E-mail: [email protected] Phone Number: (886-3) 542-5389
  • 電子郵件 [email protected]

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