Public High School Teaching Positions

1. Must be a certified teacher with a valid licensure
2. Must be a native English speaker from the USA, UK, Canada,
Australia, or New Zealand, South Africa
3. Must present certified documentation showing no criminal history
4. Contract starts August. 1st, 2017
5. Monthly salary Bachelor $62,720NT Master $69,965NT + $5,000NT for housing per month ($10,000NT for a teacher with a spouse/lineal relative)
6. National Healthcare is proved in accordance with Taiwan’s labor laws
7. Airfare reimbursement: 3 months after reporting for work and at the completion of the contract (reimbursement based on actual ticket costs up $40,000NT).
8. School location: Miaoli County

  • 学校名称 Public High School Teaching Positions
  • 联络人 Nancy
  • 联络电话 03-5425389
  • 工作名称 English Teacher
  • 工作性质 全職
  • 工作地点 Miaoli County
  • 备注 Job description: Teach students in English Listening and Speaking class and other extracurricular activities subject area : English Listening and Speaking class levels : Our students have gained lower scores on English Listening Tests (Many are in the C level.) number of students benefiting from the teaching: about 600 students number of the teaching class: 1. 14 classes of the first grade 2. 7 classes for social science classes of the second grade
  • 电子邮件 [email protected]

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