A part time job in Shangdon start to work in September

  1. Native English speakers needed from CA, the UK, the USA, AU, NZ, or SA.
  2. BA/BS required. TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred.
  3. Have intimate knowledge of Canada.
  4. 1 year contract: 5 teaching days per week, 15 to 20 classes lasting up to 45 minutes, and class times range from 8 am to 12 pm or 13pm to 17pm, an half day.
  5. Student levels are from high school ranging from ages 16 to 18.  The class is less than 20 students.
  6. Remuneration: 14,000 RMB to 15,000 RMB monthly salary depending on experience with organization, 5,000 RMB airfare reimbursement upon completion of contract, include accommodation
  7. Holidays: All Chinese national holidays will be recognized.
  8. Two years of relevant experience teaching experience is require.
  9. Work permit and teaching materials are provided by the school.
  10. National Health Insurance is provided.
  11. Hiring process will include an introductory video and a couple of Skype interviews prior to contracts being offered.
  12. If interested, applicants should contact GC at [email protected], globalculturetaiwan.com.
  • 学校名称 A part time job in Shangdon
  • 联络人 Nancy
  • 联络电话 03-5425389
  • 工作名称 English teacher
  • 工作性质 兼職
  • 工作地点 Shangdon, China
  • 备注 Responsibilities include: • Creating and delivering English lessons every day to your homeroom class. • Planning and executing events for the student body. • Overseeing the day-to-day life of students and helping them to develop good life habits. • Communicating with parents about the progress of their students.
  • 电子邮件 [email protected]

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